Check out Junior Day at Turner Highlands.

Juniors Invited to Join the WMSGA

The WMSGA is proud -- and delighted -- to make golf rsz_newga_2012_270.jpgfree for junior girls. Not just tournament play... but membership too.

Any junior girl may simply check out our website and follow the same guidelines and procedures that we offer our adult golfers. In no time, you'll be a full-fledged member
and eligible to golf in every event... except the Senior Championship, of course.
And, better yet, almost every tournament is free! 

Read more about our junior program.  

And see Bailey at the 2015 Junior Golf Fair.

Ashley on the tee.  

Our Junior Chairwoman

Meet Sue Wootton.
Sue.jpg A passionate advocate for junior girls, Sue is our go-to member for all your questions about junior  
golf. She is eager to help and happy to answer your questions.

 You may reach her at...
         & 236.4155 




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